Magic Room started in Manchester (UK) in 2012, when Andrés Granadero formed a band with Javi Ema, Jesse Mills and Matt Bierrum. They started as a surf rock band and then rapidly evolved into that fast paced, vigorous rock. They played at all sorts of venues over the English north west: from big festivals like Pangaea and Storytime to squat houses and small local pubs.

They released their debut EP “The Magic Room Band” in April 2014 and received acclaim from local critics and radios. Their debut single “Hurry Down” was regularly played at the legendary Manchester radio station Radio XS among others.

Then, Andrés moved to Mexico to re-take the project with two other mates, Paco Fierro and Bubu Tonatiuh. They have been playing for the last months in small venues and parties, creating that electric atmosphere only found in punk venues and 60’s rock gigs.

They have been compared to bands like The Kinks, The Animals, the Coral and the Dandy Warhols.

Magic Room is rock and roll from the guts that will make move your body and soul!

You cannot fuck with the Magic Room!